A Serious 1000-Caloried, Damage Control Workout For Thanksgiving!

This is a killer metabolic workout I’m putting on Thanksgiving morning for this special occasion ONLY.

It’s meant to maximally torch calories, boost metabolism, and deplete muscle glycogen stores that will go a long way for allowing room for some holiday treats!

It will be a once-in-a-lifetime workout to remember, and one you can share with any interested friends and family – all you need to do is donate a turkey beforehand to feed a family in need!

Yep, I am partnering with the Arkansas Food Bank to help provide a turkey to as many needy families this Thanksgiving. This is something that means a lot to me. I have been blessed (for reasons I’m still not sure of) with a thriving fitness community that is FastFit. It’s opened many doors for me personally and it’s my calling and responsibility to give back to the larger community of Little Rock.  Pay if forward or whatever you want to call it, we should all look to use our talents and gifts give to us to serve the ones in need.  

So with that, I bring you the Turkeybell Turkey Burn Workout!

When:  8:30am – 10am, Thanksgiving Day

Where:  FastFit, 1602 Merrill Drive, Little Rock, 72211

How To Signup:  You can click the link below to let me know you are attending and then donate a turkey.

**The Arkansas Food Bank will be at our facility on Tuesday, November 26h from 3:30pm – 6:30pm for donations.  NOTE: turkeys must be frozen.

Yes! I Want In The TurkeyBell Workout!

Let’s  Rock This For Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Damage Control Workout

How To Use A Low-Box To Burn 1000 Calories!!

How To Do It:

Perform 30 seconds of each exercise with no rest in between for all 6 rounds followed by a 60 second rest.  Repeat that 4 minute cycle as many times as possible.

Beginners – 5 Cycles – 20 minutes

Intermediate – 10 Cycles – 40 minutes

Advanced – 15 Cycles – 60 minutes ( The Full 1000 Calorie Workout!)

Exercise #1 – Runners

Exercise #2 – Push-up Walk-up

Exercise #3 – Lateral Runners

Exercise #4 – Lateral Push-up Walk-up

Exercise #5 – Sprinter (L)

Exercise #6 – Sprinter (R)