The Tighter Tummy In 10 Challenge Includes:

  • Tighter Tummy In 10 Days Nutrition System: Every participant will be provided a done-for- you “Tighter Tummy in 10 Days Meal Plan” from R.D. Cassandra Forsythe- Pribanic
  • Tighter Tummy In 10 Days Training System: Each participant will be provided with a done-for-you 10 day workout routine and motivation under direct supervision of our training staff
  • Tighter Tummy In 10 Days Measurement Guide: A detailed 10 day plan provide the blueprint for losing at least a half inch off your tummy in just 10 days!
  • Tighter Tummy In 10 Days Private Member Forum: Each participant will have access to our private Facebook page to provide daily accountability, interact with our staff, and receive a support system to guide every day of the challenge!​
  • Check In Measurements Start On The 8th! Spaces Are LIMITED!
  • Just $49!