1. Accepted & supported.

    A friend at school asked me about Jeff & fastfitbootcamps (I had sent her the teacher info). I found myself gushing about the program & the people. I do not gush! I even cringe at admitting it, but I couldn't stop. Thanks all of you. I have always felt accepted & supported. Can't get any better than that.…Read More

    Camille Cress
  2. Bootcamper of the day.

    Since I've started working out, every session someone is named "Bootcamper of the day". Someone who gets recognized for their effort and doing a good job. My goal since Sept was to get this and I GOT IT TONIGHT! I will happily look at my name on the board for the rest of November!…Read More

    Brandi Spohn
  3. Feeling stronger and more fit!

    I ❤ Fastfit and the positive energy that abounds this place!! Not to mention feeling stronger and more fit!…Read More

    Britney Bussey Spees
  4. I love this place!!!

    I love this place!!! I have been a member for a year & I am very very Very happy for being with fast fit! & Jeff is the BEST trainer :))!!!…Read More

    Sindy M Gomes
  5. I am officially another pants size down!!!

    I am officially another pants size down!!! Thanks for your help and inspiration Jeff McDaniel!!!! Shopping is so much more fun when you get to buy smaller clothes!…Read More

    Carrie Spradlin
  6. Best fitness decision I ever made.

    Joining Fastfit is the best fitness decision I ever made.…Read More

    Tabitha Baertels McNulty
  7. Lost 5lbs and 2 inches off my waist!

    Finished Tighter Tummy in 10 Days...lost 5lbs and 2 inches off my waist! All because of Fastfit!…Read More

    Candice Edmonson