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FastFit Specializes in 30-Minute EXPRESS Metabolic Workouts for the Busy Person Looking to Build Strength, Boost Metabolism, and Accelerate Fat Loss Using High-Intensity, Bootcamp-style Training SessionsUnder Direct Supervision of Our  Certified Training Team.

All Sessions are 30-Minute EXPRESS Style Workouts.

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The Most Effective Group Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle Program in Little Rock For The Busy Professional Looking to Lean Out, Get Stronger, and Reclaim Their Fitness Potential!

FastFit specializes in 30-Minute EXPRESS Workouts for Busy Men and Women looking to get into the best shape of their life with just three short 30-minute workouts per week!

The ultimate nutritional resource for achieving optimal health, body composition and performance. Along with grocery store guidelines and recommended supplementation.

We are Little Rock's ONLY 100% Money Back Guaranteed Fitness Club. We back up what we say by guaranteeing our results. Contact us today to lose a full pant size in your first 30 days as a member of FastFit.