The BEST Of Both Worlds

small-group-personal-training-transparent-300x165Whether you have specific goals with specific deadlines or just want to improve your overall fitness, here at FastFit we have something for everyone!

Our Group Personal Training services provide:

  • 30-minute EXPRESS style workouts that cater to busy professionals looking for flexible scheduling, progress tracking, and state of the art custom program design
  • GREATER attention, support, motivation, and accountability in pursuit of your goal(s).​​
  • More intimate workouts that accommodate small group sessions with a payment scale that makes the cost of each session more affordable than traditional personal training fees. (See pricing information below)
  • This results-based coaching program features total body workouts with a core emphasis that will match you with the appropriate exercises for your current fitness level in a fun and exciting team environment!

Our Metabolic Training workouts combine metabolic circuit training PLUS a strength training component to boost lean muscle gain and athletic performance.

In addition, our coaching sessions pay greater attention to corrective stretching and self-massage to accelerate results and bolster injury prevention due to the availability of additional training time.

Finally, our FastFit clients have access to more unique training tools and exercise options that are not logistically possible in most big box gyms.

See below for our annual training plans

Compare to the run-of-the-mill big box gym memberships of $30-$50/month with NO personal training OR nutritional support. At FastFit we provide a premium service at a fraction of the cost of 1-On-1 Personal Training.  

The FastFit GROUP TRAINING PLAN:  All the 30-Minute “Express” Workouts you want + all the NXT LVL classes you can handle for $99/month.  This includes quarterly nutrition updates to your program, monthly progress tracking and a personal coach for direction. Click HERE to view Membership Plans.

The FastFit PERSONAL TRAINING PLAN: You get The Group Training Plan for free PLUS 2 Personal Training Sessions each week with your own personal trainer.  Flexible scheduling with you and your trainer + a personalized Workout plan and a personalized Nutrition plan for just $199/month. Click HERE to view Membership Plans.

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