1. Clean Eating v. Flexible Eating?

    Sohee Lee, @Soheefit, is one of the best in the business at simplifying science and she came up with a great way to explain the difference between Clean Eating and Flexible Dieting that can help us all wrap our minds around this concept.…Read More

  2. Hottest Fitness Trends For 2020

    Okay this is a completely unscientific report on my part but being in my fourteenth year of working in the fitness industry I have seen trends come and go and this is what I can almost guarantee will be the top trends this year.  I did a segment for THV-11 on this last week.  You can read more abo…Read More

  3. FastFit Recipe Of The Week: Grilled Tuna

    One of the best protein sources out there that you could consume, but yet one that most people turn their noses up at is canned tuna. While there’s no denying the fact that canned tuna typically isn’t exactly the most tasty form of protein you could eat, if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, …Read More

  4. Surprising Foods Worth Avoiding In Order To Lose Belly Fat

    Little Rock professionals, like professionals all around the globe, have a hard time finding the time to incorporate a fitness routine into their busy schedules. Between family time, work (and plenty of it), and maybe even a social life, it’s often quite difficult to be consistent with exercising.…Read More

  5. What Workouts Can You Do At Our Little Rock Gym?

    Welcome back to the FastFit blog! In our last post, we highlighted what our LIttle Rock gym members are saying about FastFit and our workout programs. We hope you get a chance to read our gym reviews because they give you a pretty good feel for what you can expect when you sign up with FastFit. We l…Read More

  6. What Our Little Rock Gym Members Are Saying About FastFit

    Welcome back to the official blog of Little Rock’s best fitness center, FastFit! Today’s blog will shift gears from our typical approach, where we like to offer up a range of workouts, exercise tips, and nutritional advice. Instead of sticking with our bread-and-butter, we’d like to share a fe…Read More

  7. The ABS Challenge – Little Rock Group Workout Tips

    Your Spring-Summer ABS Training Plan In Little Rock For last week's Fitness Friday segment on THV-11 I brought a killer core training plan that literally ANYONE can do, and do it from home in minimal time.  The concept I wanted to bring to everyone is that if you are getting started with fitness or…Read More

  8. Hurricane Michael Relief & The Halloween Charity Workout!

    As you probably realize,  Hurricane Michael wrecked SERIOUS havoc to families in Florida.  I believe the current death toll is at least 19 and so many homes and lives have been shattered. We're going to try to do our part and reach out a hand, however little that might be. Tuesday, October 30th is…Read More