1. The LEAN TRAVELER Workout

    With this being the heart of summer travel season, THV-11 asked me to come do a segment on travel options for staying fit.  Here you go! (SUBSCRIBE & LIKE this please ;) Have A Great 4th Of July!   21 Days For #$21 Here is your chance to pariticpate in Little Rock's most effective group traini…Read More

  2. Top 5 Reasons You WANT Better Glutes

      The Top 5 Reasons You Want Better Glutes and None of Them Have To Do With Appearance!   #1 Better Posture:  Because we live in a time that the “sitting disease” is rampant, many of us suffer from poor posture due to tight, shortened hip flexors, weak over-stretched hip extensor an…Read More

  3. The Ultimate Brain Boosting Meal

      If you had a major exam coming up and you could only eat one meal, what would it be? What would give you the biggest boost of brain power? Well look no further than this tasty meal you can whip up to maximize your potential for acing that test! Spinach Salad For The Ultimate Brain Boost Spina…Read More