What Do You Get With Our Jumpstart Program?

21-Day Access To All FastFit Metabolic Training Sessions
For 3 weeks, applicants will have the opportunity to schedule any of our Team Training sessions that are 30-minute EXPRESS workouts under the direct supervision of our coaching team. Flexible scheduling from our mobile app for all morning to evening times makes this group fitness program the top boot camp in Little Rock!

Group Assessment with Functional Movement Screen
The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a set of functional movements that are designed to discover any limitations in your mobility and stability patterns that may be affecting the way you move not only during exercise, but also in your daily activities. The screen allows us to fix them and to coach you throughout your Jumpstart fitness training program with us.

FastFit Start-Up Nutrition Guide For Males and Females
For 3 weeks, each applicant will have the opportunity to learn about a HABIT-BASED (not diet-based) Lifestyle Nutrition for the Busy Person. Those selected for the nutritional program will also have access to our private Facebook Nutrition Group where our nutritionist coaching staff will guide you through each of the 21 days.

Success Session – Little Rock Personal Training
An individual time that we meet with you to help you set successful goals for where YOU want to be 21 days from now.

Coaching Team Focused On YOU
The FastFit Team are on an endless pursuit of getting better, through education and personal development and are available 24/7 to help you through any obstacles or plateaus during your time with us. Join our boot camp in Little Rock!